You are on a path

You might not know it. You might not have much of a direction on it. You might be moving very slowly. But make no mistake: you are on a path. 

I’ve been running my small coaching groups for three years now and I’ve learned so much in the process. The number one result I hear from small group members after their first term together: I’ve found such value in connecting with others. I’m inspired with new tools. I’m ready to move forward.

If you’re living with ADHD and you’ve found yourself struggling to change, to develop new habits, or you’re blocked by shame or judgment underlying your ADHD, then working with a small group can offer you the inspiration and motivation you need.

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What’s it all about? 


This year’s groups are all about connection. A peer group brings enormous value to the coaching experience. You find it easier to share your unique experiences in a group of peers each on a similar path. Though you each bring your own worldview, the connection that emerges from this place serves to open your eyes and your mind to new ideas and strategies. You are both the student and the teacher, and the lessons you'll take away will be that much deeper as a result. Together, we’ll build a vision that supports how you want to grow, and craft a plan to get you there. Over 10 weeks, you will be stunned at how much you can accomplish and how quickly your life will be transformed. 


What Your Group Asks of You


Changing your life is not easy. There is no course, no book, no magic elixir that can make you change without you personally showing up and doing the work. But if you’re tired of not seeing change in your life, it’s time to try something new. Here’s what your group will ask of you: 

  • Commitment. You’ll be expected to show up each week. If emergency takes you out of the call, you’ll be expected to catch up as soon as you can by listening to the weekly recording. 
  • Participation. You’ll be expected to share your story — your struggles and your successes — and to engage with your peers about theirs. In this group, your experience has the power to make you both a teacher and a student. 
  • Action. This group is more than a simple weekly call. You’ll be expected to work on your change between sessions, to practice the behavior you want to change in your life, and to report on your progress each week. 

What You Ask of Me


As an ADHD coach, I have years of experience helping individuals struggling to find peace with their ADHD and develop living systems to support that peace. In this group, I serve two roles. 

  • Structure: I work hard to ensure that each week serves your needs and build a plan to help you make change. I facilitate discussions that are flexible, but focused. I help the group adapt to changing needs, while moving toward our goals for the session. 
  • Guide: I support you on your individual path with feedback and reflection on your choices. I share my experience working with others, the latest research in ADHD study, and help you find the living systems that work for you. 

What’s Included?


By joining a coaching group you’re committing to: 

  • 10 weekly 1-hour online calls with your group
  • Personal accountability and direct support check-in’s with me
  • One individual coaching session with me

Here’s what you can expect in a weekly session. 

  • Weekly roundtable review of successes and challenges
  • Presentation of our focus topic for the week
  • Group discussion
  • Define individual goals for the following week

Join a Group. Find your Path. Get Moving.

If you’re struggling to find hope, you feel like you’ve tried everything with little success, it’s time to try something new. Open yourself to the wisdom and experience of your peers and join one of my small coaching groups!